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Fifth album. It's sorta- like the late '80s indie punk art of Sonic Youth with its rocky side exposed, combined with The Pixies and with the classic English rock pop of T-Rex.







Ozone Street

Fourth album, a mash of retro girl group pop, country swagger and a little bit of punk rock thrown in for good measure. The songs are tales of heartbreak and desire. EJT008


Motocross b/w Sins of the Father (remix)

Second single from the album OZONE STREET                                                      Released November 2014  EJT007   




Hurt so much b/w Rifles Ready

New single from the album OZONE STREET                                                             Released August 2014  EJT006      




'WHAT'RE YOU FUCKEN' LOOKIN'AT?'                      
Digging a way out of a deep, dark, pit the new songs are a kind of a way of venting and exorcising frustration, heartache, helplessness and anger. You might come to this conclusion by reading the song titles alone, 'Hated and Cremated' 'Jesus Losers' 'Murder is my business' 'In love with the world-(I can't have)'  'Over and over' - yet it's a sublime feeling to get these feelings out!                                                                                                     Released Nov 2011 on Ejected Records EJT 005


Hated & Cremated b/w Shut the gate

Second single from the album
Released 2011 EJT003

Kinksy b/w Jesus Losers  

First single from the 3rd album
Released 2010 EJT002




Follow up album Pet Head. A record about lost & confused love, family loss, bullfights,insanity & cop chases. Once again recorded at "Greg Brady's Basement Recorders"channelling their love of psychedelia, garage and punk rock.

Released 2007 on  "EJECTED RECORDS" EJT001

Basura Blanca y oro Negro

Debut album Basura Blanca y oro Negro (White Trash & Black Gold) out on Australian Records. Recorded in late 2004 on reel to reel 8track at their own 'Greg Brady's Basement Recorders' and mixed at Subverse Studios. This is the original 3 piece line-up without bass & captured in all it's glory........raw, live, loud and unadorned.

Released 2005 on "Australian Records" AR0010