Bio 2018

Los Dominados are a 4 Piece, alternative, guitar based, rock band from Melbourne, Australia.

Los Dominados, Spanish for 'The Dominated Ones', have been playing music for well over a decade. Some bands make a splash, some implode, some set out for world domination, Los Dominados are none of these but simply refuse to lie down and die. Such is the commitment, passion and friendship that underlie the music.

Los Dominados are a mash of indie, punk, garage rock n roll but they also have a number of surprising elements to them, experimenting in quaint ballads, power pop and even industrial noise. There is a tinge of country, 60's girl group, surf and psychedelia. Over time their songs have evolved in complexity and are coloured with an array of instrumentation.

Their first album, 'Basura Blanca y Oro Negro' (White Trash and Black Gold) was released through independent label, 'Australian Records' in 2005. Back then they were a three piece with Helen Cattanach on guitar/vocals, Michael Alonso on guitar/vocals and Harold Fischer on drums/ vocals.

Two years later they recruited Marcelo Riquelme to add bass and they recorded and released their second album 'Pet Head' through their own DIY label, 'Ejected Records', in 2007.

In 2010, Marcelo was replaced by Blake and the release of their third album, 'What're You Fucken Lookin' At', came out in 2011, through 'Ejected Records'.

Following a reshuffle, Helen swapped to bass and Blake to guitar. Their fourth album, 'Ozone Street', was released in 2015 once again through 'Ejected Records'.

Having successfully toured Europe in 2017 with new drummer Francois Tannouri the band has just released their 5th album Oct 2018- Starlight. Recorded at their own 'Caution Horses' home studio and once again put out through Ejected Records.


Vocalist and bass player Miss Helcat is like the lost child of Kim Gordon and Suzie Quatro - only with more attitude. That also sums up the influences. There is a traditional English '70's rock beat here (as stated: T-Rex and classic Quatro) and the guitars have a solid, swampy twang. Yet there is an indie/underground coolness with influences as varied as The Gun Club and the Pixies.

Edwin Garland - 18th July 2016

The Dominated Ones